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I have received treatment from over 10 different Acupuncturists during the last 20 years. I have found that Natalie Shaw ranks among the most effective in relieving my symptoms which have been caused by illnesses, sports and car accidents and stress. 
Also, besides having a working knowledge of eastern medicine she also seems to have a intuitive diagnostic sense with herbs that has helped help me with my physical conditions.
I was fortunate to able to see her while she worked out of the Oriental College of Medicine in Oregon.


Lawrence S.

Natalie is much more detail-oriented than most acupuncturists. She uses all the traditional, ancient techniques like they do in China, such as checking your pulse quality and tongue.  Her work really heals conditions like headaches, back pain and fatigue. She can bring balance back from several ailments at once because she can see how they are all connected in your body. Thanks, Natalie, for bringing health and harmony back to me. 

Mari M.

Natalie spends extra time helping me understand and be an integral part of my health journey. She does a great job at explaining Chinese medicine and the acupuncture points she uses. She really listens to me and with regular treatments and her lifestyle/diet recommendations I feel better at 38 than I did at 18! Looking forward to starting Mei Zen treatments soon!

Gretchen H.

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